MediArb Rescue Trauma Kit


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The MediArb® Rescue Trauma Pouch can be kept in your rescue kit on-site and is ready to be attached in an emergency.

o   For the quick and efficient treatment of potential catastrophic injuries in your surroundings.

o   Equipped with some of the greatest military-grade medical equipment to handle a significant haemorrhage.

o   Contents are securely kept neat and tidy using elasticated pockets.

This kit can be easily attached to both your leg and harness, making it especially beneficial during aerial rescue operations. Having ready access to the right supplies enables first responders to administer quick and effective first aid when necessary. By doing this, you can protect the casualty’s life up until you reach the ground where further treatment can be applied.


1 x Celox™ Rapid Haemostatic Z-Fold Gauze

1 x CAT® GEN 7 Tourniquet

1 x Israeli T3 Trauma Dressing

2 x Eye Wash

1 x Emergency Whistle

1 x Resuscitation Face Shield

1 x Disposable Gloves

2 x Sterile Wipes

1 x Cohesive Bandage

1 x Tuf Cuts Scissors

1 x Cyalumes (Emergency Glow Stick)

10 x Assorted Plasters

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