Silky Fox Super Accel 210mm-7.5 teeth saw – 119-21



The Silky Super Accel is a useful folding saw perfect for outdoor use. When you go out always bring a compact light-weight folding saw to accompany your knife and axe. When you do you will be more flexible when it comes to collecting wood for your camp(fire). The handle is made from comfortable rubber material and feels great in hand.

What is Silky Super Accel?
Silky Super Accel is a collection of saws with slightly different teeth. The serrations have been sharpened with the Mirai-me technology (smooth cutting). Alongside the entire cutting edge you will find serrations with four different sharpening angles. As such the Silky Super Accel won’t only move incredibly fast. The blade is also sleeker and has a nicer finish than other comparable saws. This version with coarse serrations can be used for wet/green wood.

A Silky saw blade is very thin and hard. As a result it is amazing to work with. However, when you use it you need to pay extra attention to the blade. Why? This saw is a pull saw which means that the blade will not bend when you use it. Make sure that when the blade moves forward it is never forced because you will risk breaking it. Always lift the weight off the blade to release the saw. As with any saw: let the saw do the work and don’t force it. As a result you won’t get tired as fast and you won’t wear out the saw. The way you hold the handle determines how much wood you cut. Holding your hands close to the blade means that you put less pressure on the blade. As a result you can saw more precisely and more focused. When you hold the back of the handle the pressure will increase making you saw faster but less precise.

If a Silky saw has been adorned with an impulse hardening symbol it means that the saw has been impulse hardened and that it cannot be sharpened with a file. You can see that the saw has been impulse hardened when you look at the blade and see that the tips of the serrations are black.

The Silky blade needs to be kept clean to make sure it stays in great shape. Resin dissolves when it comes into contact with olive oil which makes it an effective, environmentally-friendly product you can use to clean the blade. Please note: aggressive detergents can damage the rubber handle.

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