Silky Fox Zubat 300mm-7.5 teeth professional pruning saw – 270-30



The Silky Zübat Professional pruning saw 300-7.5 is a powerful pull saw you can use for the more demanding pruning jobs.

The curved saw blade merges with the handle (full tang). As such the saw is perfectly balanced. Because of the curved blade working above shoulder height will be a lot easier and will enable you to keep your arm, wrist and hand in a natural position. The teeth remain sharp for a long time even with frequent use. The curved shape of the blade, combined with Silky’s unique serrations take care of speed and accuracy.

A Silky saw blade is very thin and hard. As a result it is amazing to work with. However, when you use it you need to pay extra attention to the blade. Why? This saw is a pull saw which means that the blade will not bend when you use it. Make sure that when the blade moves forward it is never forced because you will risk breaking it. Always lift the weight off the blade to release the saw. As with any saw: let the saw do the work and don’t force it.

The rubber handle feels great in hand. Even in wet circumstances or when you wear gloves you will have optimal grip.

This Silky Zübat pruning saws come with a light-weight, polypropylene sheath with removable belt holder. The sheath has an opening at the bottom allowing moisture and sawdust to fall out.

The Silky blade needs to be kept clean to make sure it stays in great shape. Resin dissolves when it comes into contact with olive oil which makes it an effective, environmentally-friendly product you can use to clean the blade. When you don’t use the saw you should put it in its storage case and store it somewhere dry. A new saw blade can be bought separately.

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