STIHL Clearing Saw Service Kit 41



A fantastic service kit for clearing saws including FS 240, FS 360, FS 361, FS 410, FS 411, FS 460 and FS 461 and includes a spark plug, an air filter and a fuel filter.



About the STIHL Clearing Saw Service Kit 41
Ensure peak performance of STIHL petrol clearing saws with the STIHL Service Kit 41.

Compatible for use with these models
Designed for models FS 240, FS 360, FS 361, FS 410, FS 411, FS 460, and FS 461, this kit includes essential components: a paper air filter, spark plug, and fuel filter.

Enhancing performance and longevity
STIHL air filters, with a prolonged service life, guarantee extended operating times. The splash-proof, coated surfaces enhance filter cleanliness, optimizing engine performance, reducing fuel consumption, and ensuring easy starts. Regularly changing the paper air filter protects the motor from abrasive dust, maintaining consistent performance.

Critical for engine protection, the fuel filter necessitates routine checks and replacements for prolonged service life.

Tool-Free access
Tool-free maintenance is simplified with the combination wrench for air filter and spark plug replacements. Additionally, an integrated cardboard hook in the packaging streamlines fuel filter changes. Proactively maintain your machine with the STIHL Service Kit 41—a comprehensive solution for reliable, efficient maintenance.

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