UV PRO Cycle System



System contents:

  • Tamper Evident Visible ID Label with QR code
  • Datadots®
  • UV Stencils
  • UV Etch Fluid
  • Circular Warning Label

Datatag for cycles offers a multi-layer approach to identification that makes life difficult for even professional thieves! The kit is simple to fit and includes both visible and stealth identifiers including Datatags stealth UV etch technology to overtly and covertly mark your cycle. Bike theft is a well known problem and many owners think that just by registering them on a database that theft will miraculously stop. But the truth is that registration without the right identification system just doesn’t work.

The Datatag PRO System contains a phial of hundreds of Datadots®, each the size of a full stop with a unique number printed on it, suspended in a UV trace PVA adhesive. Datadot® technology can be used to mark wheels, components and accessories, theft of which is a growing issue for the industry. The Datatag UV Pro Cycle System is ‘a must’ for all high end cycles.

The Datatag systems premier identifiers combined with probably the most comprehensive database of its kind in the market today offers peace of mind. Equally importantly, Datatag works with the Police to back up the product. The cycle system requires nothing more than a UV torch to positively identify a cycles provenance. Owners of Datatagged cycles also benefit from reduced premiums from many major insurers. For cycle security there is only one choice.

There are no annual fees when fitting Datatag and when you come to sell your cycle you’ll find that the Datatag registration can be transferred to the new owner.

Also available:
UV Cycle System
Bare Metal Cycle System – for bare metal frames such as titanium

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