Bare Metal Cycle System



System contents:

  • Tamper Evident Visible ID Label with QR code
  • Datadots®
  • Ultra Destruct Visible ID Labels
  • Circular Warning Label

Providing a robust yet discrete security marking system for bikes with bare metal frames is a challenge. In most cases, it is the aesthetics of a titanium or polished stainless steel frame that is the whole point, so large or ugly labels are never going to work.
The Datatag system is designed exclusively for bikes with bare metal frames and is quick and simple to fit. It uses both visible and hidden identifiers including the latest state-of-the-art Datadot® and QR Code technology to give your bike a unique finger print.

Small tamper evident visible identification labels allow you to mark the frame, forks and wheels in discrete places, whilst the hundreds of Datadots® in a UV trace adhesive can be used to further mark the frame and, importantly, all of the high end components like wheels and group sets, that often adorn high end titanium or steel framed bikes.

The new Datatag cycle system for bare metal frames – keep YOUR special bike YOURS!

There are no annual fees when fitting Datatag and when you come to sell your cycle you’ll find that the Datatag registration can be transferred to the new owner.

Also available:
UV Cycle System
UV PRO Cycle System – includes Datadots® to mark components

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