Silky Fox Pocketboy 170mm-8 teeth saw – 726-17



This multi-purpose pruning saw is perfect for all kinds of general pruning activities in the garden. Don’t be fooled by the size of Pocketboy. This small saw offers great performance. And since the Pocketboy slips easily into your pocket, you’ll always have it on hand. The Pocketboy is lightweight and perfectly balanced. It allows you to saw, exceptionally gently even in dense spaces. Pruning has never been so nice as now! When you stop working with the saw, take care of the teeth that are very sharp to quickly pass through the wood. Even after frequent use, the teeth remain sharpened for a long time, and cuts after cuts the shaft will heal quickly thanks to the smooth cut that the saw. When you are not using the Pocketboy, the blade folds easily using the locking lever. The sharp teeth are protected as it is completely inserted into the handle. When you need the saw, you can easily unfold it with the notch in the blade, even when wearing gloves. With the locking lever, you can lock the blade in two different positions. The rubber handle absorbs vibrations and provides a perfect grip. The Pocketboy is comfortable and easy to handle, even after prolonged use. The hole in the handle allows you to attach it to a rope or a carabiner. You can wear the Pocketboy on your belt in the original transparent hard case or choose a suitable rubber case. This folding saw can be stored easily in a tool box. The Pocketboy extraordinary cutting capabilities gave it the nickname of “Little Giant”. Technical specifications: genuine high-quality Japanese steel SK-4. Blade length: 170 mm. Teeth: 8 teeth x 30 mm. Dimensions: 375 x 65 x 25 mm. Weight: 210 grams. Not: 1.1 mm.

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